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At Convert Digital our dedicated team of Shopify Plus designers and developers build customised, enterprise solutions for fast growing, high volume merchants. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we specialise in multi-channel retail and work with some of Australias leading brands. With Shopify Plus, your business is guaranteed seamless growth and scalability.

Amaze Facebook chat Messenger

Live chat via Facebook Messenger &
give support to customers

  • Give personalized support to your visitors & customers which increases customer satisfaction.
  • You can chat with your customers via mobile, So go anywhere and chat with your customers easily.
  • Give a personalized feel to every visitor by setting up the custom message on the chat box and align it where ever you want.

Amaze Festival Session

Bring Festivals to your store with
decorations & snow.

  • Let’s get your customers in the mood to shop at Christmas, and increase the chance for more sales.
  • Let the user celebrate Christmas in your store and give the perfect festival feel with Decorations and Snow.
  • Choose the right snow, Header and footer decoration designs from Multiple options, very easy to use with single click Installation.

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